Choose your inspiration!

Each interior should reflect individual preferences. But because sometimes it is hard to define them, we have prepared collections of tiles in six segments, inspired by nature, art and culture, among which you can find the main theme for your bathroom.
Create a unique interior with collections by Opoczno.

  • Płytki motyw Stone Stone


    Stone is a timeless material whose aesthetic qualities have long been known by ancient artists and architects. That's why we have decided to expose its natural beauty in a tile collection named STONE.
  • alt Wood


    One of the most commonly used natural materials in interior design is wood. This is due to its unique beauty, which inspired us to create a unique collection of tiles named WOOD.
  • Płytki motyw Cemento Cemento


    The raw beauty of concrete can become the basis of many unique designs reflecting the modern character of the contemporary world. The collection of tiles, inspired by this material, under the name of CEMENTO is recommended for enthusiasts of bold design.
  • Płytki motyw Monocolour Monocolour


    The style of the interior is best expressed by properly arranged colours. That is why MONOCOLOUR tile collections mean fun with colour, with which everyone can create arrangements filled with individual emotions.
  • Płytki motyw Other Other


    The result of the search for ideal forms of expression is the most beautiful decorative motifs. Inspired by the wealth of the past, we have now found geometric and floral motifs as well as those inspired by clay.